Candlemaking with Beeswax

Beeswax candles are a popular choice.
Beeswax is a natural material that is known for its pleasant scent. These candles are high-quality products that can also be made at home with minimal effort. Thanks to its special properties, beeswax can be processed into candles using a variety of methods. One method is dipping the wick into liquid wax multiple times to create a candle. Candles can also be made using the casting method, where liquid wax is poured into a mold. Our Hobby-Creation product line offers more than 400 different candle casting molds in various designs, from small molds for tea light candles to large altar candles, and from neutral stub candles to decorated ornamental candles. Another popular option is rolling candles from beeswax comb plates. No additional tools are needed for this method. With HAMMANN WABEN, you can make candles from pure, natural beeswax. We also offer a wide range of accessories for candle making, including candle wicks, candle decorations, and more.
With over 500 items, we have a comprehensive selection for candle making. In our online shop, you can find everything you need for candle making,

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